A CMS plugin for creating HTML5 interactive content

HTML5 interactive content

HP5: a CMS plugin for creating HTML5 interactive content
Interaction refers to the way people relate especially on the internet. Mostly this happens by people asking and answering questions, watching video clips, posting pictures and videos and even chatting. Interaction is important as it lets you connect with your audience especially for business purposes and more if you have your website. When you are talking about interaction, however, you may also be talking about HP5. This is a plugin that is used for creating HTML5 interactive content and for better interaction you need to install it on your computer.
What are its advantages?

1. New looks

With this plugin, it makes it easier to create, share and reuse HTML5 content and applications thereby giving your website a whole new look. It gives you the power to create more interactive ways and provide you with more interactive experience too.

2. Provides mobile friendly contents

From your PC, tablets, and even smartphones, you can be able to experience the richness and the interactive content that this plugin has to offer. Once published, you can view and interact with all screen. Its content is also very responsive to top it all up.

3. Rich content sharing
With HP5, you can create and edit videos, films, ads, and even games as this plugin give power to the existing CMSs and LMSs to create richer contents. These contents can also be imported or exported. For all these to be possible, all you need is a web browser. You can search online for rich contents and one that favors you most.

4. Free usage.
HP5 is licensedunder the MIT license, and therefore it is completely free to use, and it is also an open technology.
How do you get HP5 on your site?
The plugin is supported for WordPress, Drupal, and Moodle and is also available in all these forms. As this is much needed for quality interaction, here are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you have it on your site. First, you have to install HP5 in Drupalfollowed by WordPress and finally in Moodle.
It is easy to create new frameworks’ integrations as most of the HP5 codes are framework independent.
What of newbies?
If you are new to HP5, do not worry. You can read the getting started guide and follow the easy steps. If you are a developer, there is something for you too. You can check out the developer section,or you can even make your package in the greeting card tutorial.


With all its advantages like free usage, giving your site a new look and allowing you to share rich content, the HP5 plugin is a good asset to have. Acquiring it is easy as you can always find it online and its free.

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